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Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

A good Halloween movie sets the mood for the spooky season spirit, putting us in the spooky mood we wait for all year. A classic Halloween movie night filled with hair-raising, spell-binding, and chainsaw-wielding scenes take the Halloween mood to a whole new level.  There are plenty of classic Halloween movies you can watch in your apartment near Downtown Bozeman. It all depends on the kind of thrill you are in the mood for. This fall, you can go for Horror movies with a real thrill, such as Dracula, Invisible Man, or The Wolfman. For those who cannot handle scary movies, we’ve also included a few Halloween horror comedies you can enjoy together with friends or as a family. Here are classic horror movies to watch this Halloween. Just remember to check if you have locked your Penrose Residence door before you sleep.


The Addams Family (1991)


halloween-horror-movie-classics-penrosePhoto Credit: PopSugar

For great jokes and a lighter take on Halloween, the ‘Addams family’ movie does not disappoint. The gothic-styled film is a classical Halloween masterpiece that is kid-friendly, making it an easy choice for a spooky night in your apartment in Bozeman, Montana. The chemistry between the main characters Raul Julia and Anjelica Houston will create lasting memories as you watch the non-nightmare-inducing Halloween classic.


Beetlejuice (1988)

The Tim Burton invention is a classic family-friendly horror that you can enjoy as a family at your Penrose Luxury Apartment. The film is based on a couple who find themselves stuck haunting their home in the afterlife. This movie is different from other haunted house movies because it shows the upside to having a ghost in your house. How would you feel if your apartment was haunted? We’d hope the ghost was like Beetlejuice! 



Horror-movies-to-watch | Penrose

Photo Credit: Screen Rant

The movie is an adaptation of writer Pierre Oscar Levy and artist Frederik Peeters’ graphic novel sandcastle. It is one of the strangest films that M. Night Shyamalan has directed certainly due to its horrific scenes. The movie will scare you to sleep as you watch the frightening and emotional story of a family vacation that takes a dark turn. It is the perfect movie to watch with friends in the cinema near your brand new Bozeman apartment. 


The Vigil

In this film, Dave Davis takes on the role of a man who reluctantly watches over a recently deceased body. While on duty, he deals with an unexpected encounter with the supernatural. Make sure you invite friends to your Penrose Apartment in Bozeman— unless you’re brave enough to watch alone! Let us know how spooked you were by messaging us at @livepenrose on Instagram.  



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